Octavius Indian Masala Ready Tea | Perfect For Vending Machines | Apt For Office, Canteen, Institutions | Brew Hot | With Added Extracts Of Exotic And Aromatic Indian Spices | 1 Kg Pack

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Octavius Indian Masala Instant Tea Premix Makes The Perfect Cup Of Indian Masala Chai ,Tasting Just Like The Globally Popular Homemade Indian Masala Chai. This On-The-Go Instant Hot Chai Premix Is Made With Natural Tea Extract And Natural Extracts Of Aromatic Indian Spices Which Include Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves,Black Pepper And Cinnamon. The Ginger, Cloves And Pepper Elements In The Blend Add Extra Warmth Along With Cardamom And Cinnamom.
Great Taste And Aroma – Our Instant Premix Masala Chai Is Aromatic And Distinctive With The Perfect Balance Of The Spiciness Of Black Pepper And Clove With The Sweet Notes Of Cinnamon And Cardamom.
One Kg Pack Makes 66 Cups Of Tea And Is Perfect For Vending Machines- This Pack Of One Kg Instant Masala Chai Premix Is Perfect For Vending Machines As It A Very Economical And Hassle Free Option To Serve Masala Chai In Office, Canteens, Institutions,Etc. When Brewed By The Machine , This Premix Results In An Appetizing And Energizing Cup Of Hot Masala Tea. This 1 Kg Premix Pack Can Make About 66 Cups Of Hot Masala Tea.
Easy To Use- Simply Fill The Premix Blend In The Vending Machine And Get Freshly Brewed Hot Masala Tea

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