Paper Boat Dry Fruit Chikki, No Added Preservatives and Colours | Gajak | Sweets | Made with Jaggery | Gazak (Pack of 10, 25g each)

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Dry fruit chikki was synonymous with one thing, holidays in the hills! Back in the day, with meager means and much enthusiasm, the whole family would pile into our trusty red Maruti 800 (yes, the old model that very much looked like a toy car) and head to rain-clad lonavala. As the cool wind would take over our senses, we could feel the city stress leave us behind. Soon we’d be spotting monkeys and calling each other one (as siblings do) and buying the freshest dry fruit chikki on country roads. That distinct crunch of fresh chikki would herald the start of holiday fun and satiate our hunger at once, a memory as fresh as the chikki itself. Try it for it’s sure to bring back memories of the good old holidays in a single bite; you’re welcome!
Our Chikki or Gajjak, as most of us call us, is packed with crunchy california cashews, almonds, and pistachios of the highest quality and melded with fine gur to make it a snack that’s healthy yet yummy
It is trans-fat free and a rich source of protein. It’s almost impossible to believe something this indulgent can be so clean. Bid goodbye to junk
Source of dietary fiber, Paper Boat Dry Fruit Chikki also keeps the tummy happy and healthy
No added preservatives, colours, and flavours, Paper Boat Chikki like our other products is made of all natural ingredients

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