Paper Boat Healthy Trail Mix Combo: Classic Roasted + Vintage Achari – Nuts, Seeds & Berries Medley, Almonds I Cashews I Mix Seeds I Coconut I Mango Pouch (2 x 100 g)

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We give you a combination of perfectly plain and the other just as spicy. A contradiction of flavours and tastes. A perfect balance of texture and flavour! From nuts that are split to enhance the texture to berries that are tossed in for that sweet-sour bliss, each ingredient in our Roasted classic: Nuts and Berries medley snack truly shines on its own. Next up is a different kind of classic: India’s spicy, tangy, mind blowing pickles! We understand this love for achar and so, we’ve taken an age old recipe (our chef can vouch for this) and given it a modern twist with a trail mix! Indulge in this achari masala experience filled with ingredients that are wholesome and delish, you may thank us later!
Vintage Achari: Who doesn’t enjoy the tongue-clicking taste of homemade pickle? We did one better and made a trail mix with our special Achari masala to keep things healthy and absolutely delicious
Each ingredient is individually prepared and then combined to bring out that burst of flavour that is perfectly balanced and tastes just right
Hear ye vegans, fitness enthusiasts, foodies: Post-workout and daily nutritional requirements are all sorted thanks to the high protein and high dietary fibre in these snacks.we love you too
Nothing but goodness: This trail mix contains NO GMOs, artificial flavours, or preservatives and is free of trans fat

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