Lemor Gold Ginger Flavour Instant Tea Premix 1 kg |Adrak Chai | Premix Tea for Vending Machine|Ready to Drink Tea

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Lahejjat is a Global Beverages and Tea Blending and Packaging Company. Apart from the traditional tea business, they also own a brand with the name of "Lemor". Under this brand name,they have premium Tea & Coffee Premixes and Iced Tea.
Less preparation time: Enjoy Gold Ginger Tea either through a Tea Machine or even manually by just adding hot water and get a perfect cup of tea. No need to add sugar, milk or tea powder.Ideal for Vending Machine,Offices,Hostels,group travel,Canteen,etc
Health advantages: Keeping health in mind, instant tea premixes are made healthy by mixing certain herbs that are good for health.
Easy to Use and Easy to carry: Carry this with you on road trips, outings and vacations without missing taste of home tea.
Cost effective and easy to dispose: The cost of making tea with premix is far lower as compared to the combined cost of tea powder, milk, and sugar which makes it highly cost effective.

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