Paper Boat Mango Lassi, No Added Preservatives and Colours Pouch, 9 x 150 ml

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The only dilemma bigger than Shakespeare’s ‘To be or not to be’ was, to drink the lassi before lunch or after? If we filled up our lil’ tummies with this thick, creamy potion before lunch, there won’t be any room for food. If we did after, how will we savor every single drop of this sweet, sweet, treat?! Lassi, marks its humble beginnings in Ma’s kitchen when she would churn a cold, creamy concoction in a matka bigger than me. She’d then artfully dole out the mix into the glass from a height (as if gravity was going to make the lassi sweeter). When the lassi hit the glass, it would magically be bubbly, frothy, and creamier. To this day the question baffles me, was it maa’s culinary expertise or gravity’s gift that made the lassi so irresistible?!
Paati will be more than happy seeing you chug this because believe or not, Lassi has numerous health benefits other than tasting like a mythical, foamy, nectar from the heavens.
Packed with the flavor of freshly churned dahi or yogurt, Paper Boat Lassi is also full of goodness. In fact, it is so ‘sweet’ of Lassi not toot its own horn (see what we did there?)
Goodness of dahi + goodness of mango = yummy summer memories!
No nasties! No artificial colours. No preservatives

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