Panasonic Inverter Bulb 7 Watt Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb for Home Base B22 (Cool Day Light, Pack of 4)

Price: ₹1,498.00
(as of May 28,2022 00:33:25 UTC – Details)

Unpredictable power cuts can be extremely troublesome, especially if you are in the middle of doing something very important and suddenly, the light goes out. Now you don’t need to worry about any power cuts, because Panasonic has come up with its latest offering: Panasonic Inverter bulb. It is a 7 Watt Rechargeable Emergency bulb, which promises up to 3-5 hours of continuous lighting backup during power cuts. It houses a powerful lithium-ion battery, requiring 8-10 hours of charging time. Brightness (Lumen output) becomes 50% when on battery mode. With its centuries of experience in designing life-enhancing lighting solutions, Panasonic brings you a world-class range of LED lighting products. They are a symbol of an all-round, in-depth approach that assures you impeccable quality, unmatched style, and carefully crafted lighting for all your needs.
Wattage: 7 watts
Warranty: NA
Power backup: During power cuts, Inverter bulb will provide light up to 3-5 hours continuously, therefore being a perfect power backup for your home
Fast-charging: With the automatic charging feature, Inverter bulb will get automatically charged when it is kept ON, with the charging time of 8-10 hours
Application: Emergency bulb is the perfect lighting backup during power cuts and can be used in your study/drawing room and bathroom in your home, retail shops and hospital
Powerful battery: It has a powerful Lithium-ion battery, with a long life

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